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Was ist AdCoin?

Werbung in regulärer Währung ist kostenintensiv und Publisher erhalten nur ein paar Cent pro Klick. Durch die Einführung der AdCoin-Kryptowährung können beide Parteien mit dem Potenzial von AdCoin gleichzeitig profitieren und Kosten sparen.


UPCOMING RELEASE: Crypto advertising network

Reach crypto-related audience on global markets. Cryptocurrency advertising through transparent digital ads. Blockchain enables full transparency on how your advertising budget gets spent. Benefit from fast payments with almost zero-fee on the advertising platform that welcomes cryptocurrency advertising!

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We know the recipe and make the cool stuff

We have released plugins for Woocommerce and Wordpress and are releasing tools for other platforms in the next couple of months. We enable every web developer, marketeer, publishers and advertiser to send and receive AdCoin in a user-friendly interface using our AdCoin web wallet. These ready to use (out-of-the-box) tools are already available for everyone!

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We love developers

That’s why we created an advanced eco-system with the most advanced and secure crypto web wallet you can find. Because such a great application thrives by being used a lot, you are able to use the API for your own project. The web wallet and API are free to use and offer a wide range of options. Build your own software and use the AdCoin blockchain as your foundation for success.

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